Piano Lessons that are Different from When You Were a Kid!

Geist Piano Academy offers lessons for all ages, including adults!

Included: private lesson time
ensemble (playing with friends!)


  • Play music from Day 1!
  • Develop great technique from the very beginning
  •  Learn specific techniques and skills to help you master  music more quickly
  • Game-based learning that includes ensemble experience

Intermediate and Advanced

  • Learn new, great pieces!
  • Play in solo events and ensemble events (in a group)
  • Learn theory, improvisation, composition, transposition, music history, and more
  • Experience many genres

Adult Students

  • Is piano on your bucket list?
  • Did you quit piano lessons as a child?
  • It’s not too late!
  • We can help you learn AND enjoy the piano!
  •  Pieces and lesson content geared towards your interests

Our Unique Lesson Format

Students receive private and individualized instruction AND ensemble (group) lesson time every week! 

This maximizes their opportunity for personal growth and fun!

Exciting Incentive Programs

Each year we have a themed incentive program full of musical goals. 

Pirates, secret agents, knights and dragons, Olympics…whatever it is, it will keep your student motivated and progressing towards a variety of musical goals!

What Piano Families Say: