Lesson Experience

Private Lesson Time

Each student receives individual instruction on a weekly basis, focusing on their interests and developing their abilities.

Ensemble Time

Each student participates in a group on a weekly basis as well, which allows them to
hone many skills and have

Music is for EVERYONE!

No matter your situation, you can create and enjoy music.
We will help you!

Games & Hands-On Activities

These can help all students, not just beginners. Students develop skills in a variety of ways, and it's all applicable at the piano!

Advancing through Themes & Awards

You want to see advancement, of course! It’s important to progress in a variety of areas, not just performance. 


Our students advance through a variety of programs, including NFMC festivals and Keyboard Gymnastics.


They also participate in yearly themed incentive programs, because it’s definitely more fun to:

 –go on a musical quest to slay the scale dragons!

–land your pirate ship on a musical island!

–complete a superhero mission!

Students also earn medals and awards for a variety of achievements. 

We value you and want to celebrate your progress!